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  1. If you want to you can already give us a brief description of your status and share us some files you might have. The link is down below.
  2. We would need your most recent medical documents about your condition should you possess any. Don’t worry about your privacy, your information is protected under HIPAA law and treated as Personal Health Information.
  3. The second step is an interview with a basic questionnaire to get some detailed information about you. Our skilled medical consultants will contact you for this.
  4. Sometimes a basic physical examination is recommended for updated information about your medical condition. This might require going to a physician’s appointment.
  5. After this it’s time for a quote and then a call or video meeting with the physician of your choice. To walk through the process, click Patient Path link.

You can contact us through by clicking here. Please have a valid email address and/or a phone number so that we can get back to you. We normally answer to emails in 24 hours but please allow up to 48 hours for our first response. Should you wish a quicker response you can also call us from Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm

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Need for orthopedic surgery may arise with age as joints and ligaments start wearing out. One might have suffered from a sports injury for years as well without proper treatment. Our pool of orthopedic services ranges from joint replacements to mini-invasive ligament surgeries and massive fusions of the spine. Every treatment is planned individually with the patient.


Joint replacements are one of our key specialties – many of our portfolio hospitals are renowned for their capabilities in joint replacements and the most experienced surgeons are pioneer and leading physicians in the the field of prosthetic surgeries in Finland and Nordics. The physicians at our service all have many years if not decades and thousands of joint replacements of experience with still active day-to-day clinical practice to utilize their know-how – all surgeons perform the globally acceptable around 200 surgeries per year and develop their techniques for higher recovery rate constantly.

We specialize in knee and hip replacements with the largest university hospital in Finland, HYKSin who serves international customers with years of experience. Also, a special recovery program has been developed to support fast recovery.

Other areas of specialty lie in shoulder, knee, hip and smaller but more complex procedures in the feet and toes. These joints and limbs all face issues that can be repaired by experienced and capable hands. We also arrange and provide consultation and second opinion for patient with medical conditions that are not directly presented on our website.

Path Surgery is an all-inclusive and full-service company. We are glad to arrange postoperative physical therapy and rehabilitation in Nordics as well to support recovery. Our customer service is happy to tell more about this.


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