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How to Proceed

  1. If you want to you can already give us a brief description of your status and share us some files you might have. The link is down below.
  2. We would need your most recent medical documents about your condition should you possess any. Don’t worry about your privacy, your information is protected under HIPAA law and treated as Personal Health Information.
  3. The second step is an interview with a basic questionnaire to get some detailed information about you. Our skilled medical consultants will contact you for this.
  4. Sometimes a basic physical examination is recommended for updated information about your medical condition. This might require going to a physician’s appointment.
  5. After this it’s time for a quote and then a call or video meeting with the physician of your choice. To walk through the process, click Patient Path link.

You can contact us through by clicking here. Please have a valid email address and/or a phone number so that we can get back to you. We normally answer to emails in 24 hours but please allow up to 48 hours for our first response. Should you wish a quicker response you can also call us from Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm

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Share your files through a Protected Portal

Medical Second Opinion

Did you get a diagnosis from your local physician but the offered treatment doesn’t seem appealing or the right one? Sometimes it is worth to have another medical expert’s opinion on the patient’s diagnosis or treatment options. In cooperation with our partner hospitals in Nordics we offer second opinions in various medical specialties.

Medical Second Opinion

Did you get a diagnosis from your local physician but still feel hesitant about undergoing an operation? In some cases You might want another medical expert’s opinion on the patient’s diagnosis or treatment options.

In cooperation with our partner hospitals in Nordics we offer high quality medical expert second opinions in various medical specialties. It’s an easy and effective way of getting better perspective and insight into your medical condition. At the same time we’re able to give you pricing estimate for the specific treatment in the best hospitals in Nordics. Your medical files are assessed by the top-class experienced physicians who have seen and treated a very broad spectrum of patients in their clinical specialty. All information is managed by following strict patient information safety standards so you don’t have to worry about your data going into wrong hands. Please note that we will never ask you to send confidential material in email attachments.

How does it work?

  1. Contact our US Customer Service by email or phone. They will help to take any extra steps needed. We’re located in Florida and we are at your service in person if needed. 
  2. Send all possible medical infor­mation in English to our Customer Service. For transferring of electronic medical records we will use a special software to protect your privacy and security. If your medical records are on a DVD, CD, thumb drive or on paper files we will assist you with converting it into electronic files. Our Customer Service will help you to use the service. You can also mail the documents to our Customer Service or use a courier in sending all the material to Nordics should it be better option for you. Electronic transferring of medical records is the fastest, safest and most cost-effective way to proceed.
  3. Customer Service will forward the material to the best possible medical expert or the expert of your choice. The expert will inform Customer Service if there is a need for several expert’s opinion.
    1. Please take notice that medical records should not be older than 3 months in most medical conditions in order to provide accurate insight.
  4. The Customer Service will inform the patient If there is a need for several expert’s opinion and confirms the price of the service.
  5. Customer Service sends the invoice to the patient. The invoice is to be paid in advance. We accept major credit cards or bank transfer using IBAN account. Should you prefer some other form of payment, please contact us in advance.
  6. A written Second Opinion will be sent in English to the patient.
  7. If your second opinion will lead to going to treatment in the Nordics by using Path Surgery services, the price of second opinion consultation will be refunded in your final package price.


We offer expert consultation at a flat fee $300. This includes the analysis of your medical by a specialized university hospital level physician, written recommendation and travel/treatment plan for procedure in Nordics by Path Surgery

In case your medical case is reviewed by several experts, we will always contact You first. In these cases pricing is determined individually.

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