Finland is part of the Nordic countries and is globally recognized for its social welfare architecture. The land of Santa Claus inhabits roughly 5.5 million people and is known for its 100,000 sweet water lakes. Finland has the most lakes per square kilometre in the world. And yes, the whole country speaks English very well.

Finland is a top tier country in healthcare, technology and education globally and can be found in the top places of all OECD countries. See more about Finland as an OECD country by clicking here. The country has one of the most advanced cancer treatment clinics and the 2nd largest hospital in Europe along with many top class private clinics. These are few of the reasons why Path Surgery was born.


Path Surgery is the leading medical travel company in Finland promoting the finest clinics and hospitals to foreign patients who seek better or more affordable healthcare solutions outside their home country.

At Path Surgery our mission is to change the world of medical travelling and make the industry purely global, safe and trustworthy to all people around the world. We believe that a responsible facilitator is essential to make treatment experience successful and as enjoyable as possible

We exist to transform the industry of medical traveling. We believe in three major themes in our everyday business.


1 Easy and smooth treatment arrangements

Already undergoing major treatment might feel scary and stressful. We want our patients to feel at home. Let’s make your medical treatment easy and smooth. Our customer representative in USA and in Finland will help you personally in organising your treatment package. We will take responsibility over the preliminary quote and offer, travel arrangements and work as an interface between you and the hospital.


2 We are always with you

Path Surgery will work with you and hospital, ensuring that you are never alone during your treatment time. We will help in everyday life and activities in Finland and guide you through your treatment path. If you have any topics to discuss about your treatment we’re here for you. We’re not your ordinary online facilitator or concierge, but will take part in the treatment process as well to support full recovery. It is essential to have facilitator to represent the patient in a foreign country as the habits might otherwise feel odd. We will work as your contact person even after the treatment trip when you’ve returned back home if you have any concerns and questions about your medical condition.


3 High quality of medicine

This is the most essential part of the recovery. We work with the most advanced clinics in Finland who employ the best professionals. Our pool of hospitals consists of the 2nd largest university hospital in Europe and private clinics who provide services on various specialties. You can read more about the level of Finland in medicine over here.


4 Responsibility and longevity over quick cash

We are here to change the industry and to do medical tourism the right way. Finland is known for its transparent and fair patient safety and security programs, there’s very little malpractice in the country and the national Patient Insurance Act protects the patient. On top of that our medical packages include a complications insurance to protect you from rising costs even after you’ve returned from your medical trip. Some of our partners offer binding and fixed quotes which include additional coverage if any unexpected should happen during your treatment. You are safe in Finland.


If you’re interested in hearing more about our services, don’t hesitate to contact our customer service. We’re located in Florida and look forward to meet you!