In USA the cost related information is hardly accessible, and varies widely among different performers. Typically, the first invoice does not include all costs included to the surgery, such as hospitalization and other inpatient charges, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, and a lot of other costs. On top of that, there comes the anaesthesiologist’s fee and operation room charges. Also, there typically is some conversation with the insurance company about if they are willing to cover the costs or not and about you co-pays and premiums for the future. Not so handy.

Healthcare in USA is extremely expensive by global standards as the expenditure per capita is around $10,000  it’s increasing rapidly by 5% annually. Finland is known for it’s effective healthcare system and affordable pricing and the similar expenditure is around $3,800 per capita.

Medical tourism in USA exists as it becomes significantly more affordable to travel overseas for elective (non-emergent) medical treatments.

Here is how a typical treatment cost is structured by using Total Knee replacement (TKR) as an example:

Preoperative costs (around 90 days before the surgery)

  • Doctor’s appointment and office visits
  • Blood work & imaging
  • Other laboratory tests like culture and panel tests
  • Pre-evaluation

Preoperative charges $1000 – $3000


  • Operation room charges
    • Equipment used and an implant (fair price for an implant is $8000)
    • Time spent in the operating room
  • Staff
    • Surgeon’s fee
    • Other healthcare professional fees like nurses and surgical assistants
  • Medication
    • Anesthesia fees
  • Other fees
    • Physical therapy
    • Coordination of care


  • Time of stay at the bedding ward
  • Usually around 3-4 days –around $5000 a night
  • Post-operative imaging – $1000 – $3000

Surgery and Hospitalization charges anywhere from    $20000 – $79000

The national average in USA for these two elements is $56000 – $58000

Based on state averages the price range is around         $35000 – $60000

Postoperative outpatient care

  • Outpatient services
    • After care medication
    • Removal of stitches
    • Check-ups
  • Equipment
    • Walkers
    • Grabbers
    • Bed leg extensions
    • Compression socks
    • Knee compressors
  • Outpatient physical therapy

Outpatient care charges depend heavily on what is included. Typically the combination of physical therapy, outpatient follow-up, and equipment are around $1500 – $2500

Other cost factors that may have an effect on prices

  • Complications (not usually covered by insurance)
  • Pre-existing conditions


In a Summary Price for Total Knee Replacement in USA

Preoperative charges                                                                $1000 – $3000

Surgery and materials                                                              $30000 – $50000

Hospitalization                                                                          $15000 – $25000

After care charges                                                                      $1500 – $2500

Total                                                                                      $47500 – $80500


Path Surgery’s Total Price for Total Knee Replacement

Preoperative charges                                                               $ 1000 – $ 3000

  • Imaging
  • Physician referral to medical operation

(takes place before the medical travel in USA)

Treatment                                                                                   $15000 – $18000

  • Preoperative appointment and treatment plan
  • Post-operative care and physical therapy
  • Surgery: Staff fees and implant, operating room time
  • Rehabilitation programs and physical therapy
  • Hospitalization
  • Other Fees

Accommodation & Flights                                                      $3200 – $10500

  • Hotel residence for 14 days
  • Economy or Business

Transportation & Medical Concierge                                   $7000 – $10000

Medical Complications & Travel Insurances                      $1300 – $5100

Total                                                                        $27500 – $46600

Please note that our service always includes staying at your service even after returning to home country. We are willing to help in communicating with the hospital if there’s any need for it, ever. We are also willing to help in seeking second opinion or alternative solution if you are not fully pleased with your treatment – this is a service that not all medical travel companies provide.

For more detailed information about pricing see the Price Calculator for quote