Good news for Path Surgery once more!

We will be starting in a Finnish startup acceleration program called KIUAS during Summer of 2018. The goal for Path Surgery in KIUAS is to pilot Russian market penetration – our mission is to help and support Finnish hospitals and other companies find solid customer and patient flow. Finland has suffered from lack of online and press presence and good reputation as a healthcare country – and that needs to change. Based on our estimate only around 1,000-2,000 patients come to Finland annually from a pool of over 70,000 Russians who seek medical care overseas. We see high potential in our business model of combined sales and marketing services for Finnish companies.

KIUAS has been around for a few years with huge success and growth rates. It was initially launched by Aalto University Entrepreneurship Society (AaltoES) to support startup companies within Aalto University of Technology, Economics and Arts. Aalto University is one of the youngest universities in the Nordics as it was born in 2010s from mergers of three separate universities in Helsinki and Espoo. At the moment, it is the most comprehensive and unique university in Finland second to none in startup scene.

The accelerator will start in June 2018 and last through August. Please follow our journey and feel free to contact if you’d like to share some thoughts about our company.

You can find more information about KIUAS from here