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How to Proceed

  1. If you want to you can already give us a brief description of your status and share us some files you might have. The link is down below.
  2. We would need your most recent medical documents about your condition should you possess any. Don’t worry about your privacy, your information is protected under HIPAA law and treated as Personal Health Information.
  3. The second step is an interview with a basic questionnaire to get some detailed information about you. Our skilled medical consultants will contact you for this.
  4. Sometimes a basic physical examination is recommended for updated information about your medical condition. This might require going to a physician’s appointment.
  5. After this it’s time for a quote and then a call or video meeting with the physician of your choice. To walk through the process, click Patient Path link.

You can contact us through by clicking here. Please have a valid email address and/or a phone number so that we can get back to you. We normally answer to emails in 24 hours but please allow up to 48 hours for our first response. Should you wish a quicker response you can also call us from Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm

Contact us


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Share your files through a Protected Portal

Patient Path

Here you are able to walk through the whole treatment process from first contact to your return and aftercare. As clear picture as possible is given and ideally the Patient Path is your virtual guideline for your treatment path.

Hello There!

This is a quick peek to our style of medical trip. It will give you an idea what your package will look like for you in advance. From here you can see each step you are taking on your way with us. There will always be modifications depending on the type of treatment but here we show how we have designed the all-inclusive medical package to fit your needs and hold a high standard. Enjoy your journey!


We Take Care of You

We understand that Medical Tourism and traveling for medical treatment might feel difficult and unpleasant. Those are exactly the reasons why we exist.

From The First Contact

Through our online messaging channel you can send us a private and secure message which should include a brief description about your situation and what type of procedure you are going to need.

Our customer service will get back to you within the following business day. We would also like to book a longer call or a video meeting with you to tell more about our service and details. We also advise you on which files to request from your local healthcare provider should we need them.

We will book a call or a video meeting with you to tell more about our service and details. We also advise you on which files to request from your local healthcare provider. Only the relevant information based on your condition is necessary.

Option for Second Opinion

If you are hesitant whether you should seek a particular treatment, you can choose our Medical Second Opinion Service. This will give you an unbiased third party evaluation whether you need the expensive surgery or not. Please note that we charge a flat fee USD300 for this service. It is performed by a specialized physician based on your interview and medical documents from local physician.

Towards Green Light – Diagnosis for Travel

After the call or video meeting we kindly ask you to fill in a medical evaluation form, which we are going to deliver to you through secured file transfer platform. This evaluation form should be accompanied by your related medical files as we are interested in the details of your medical condition. Please note that we will never ask you to send any confidential material through regular email but only our secured HIPAA-approved PHI platform.

The files you need to deliver in order for us to perform evaluation are:

  • Previous medical files related to the treatment
  • Filled personal information questionnaire
  • Relevant MRIs and X-rays etc.
  • General practitioner’s statement and travel clearance if you don’t have a physician’s referral already

Our trained customer service consultant will review your situation and then guide it to the best specialist in Path Surgery portfolio hospitals or to the hospital of your choice. We are happy to tell more about the physician that we have teamed up with. The specialised physician will then evaluate your case and usually determine a maximum if not fixed  price for the asked procedure, if we have not been able to provide such in our pricing calculator already. We will inform you with the pricing and service package and will then send an invoice for a 20% deposit payment alongside our service agreement to be signed. When everything goes as planned we can move to invoicing the rest of payment and adjust all final details for your trip. Should surgery be cancelled after talking with the physician, we will refund the part of payment which hasn’t been used to travel-related bookings already. Unfortunately, some administrative fees are also non-refundable.

Time to Reserve and Arrange the Travel

After consultation with the operating physician we kindly ask you to choose optional amenities provided by our staff or pricing calculator. Only then we are able to complete you bookings and reservations:

  • Treatment date(s) based on your requested schedule
  • A hotel room or apartment for your stay
  • Treatment-based equipment
  • Airport transportation
  • Hospital transportation
  • Amenities package of your choice
  • Travel insurance and Medical complications insurance
  • Any additional services requested

Time to Prepare for Travel and Pack Your Bags

Once the reservations have been made you will receive a confirmation letter, which includes the following

  • Preoperative treatment guide
  • Reservation confirmations and needed materials
  • Equipment package for your home to ease your post operation routine (for orthpedic patients especially)
  • A schedule for the treatment

After this point the only thing you need to do is prepare for  traveling.

Traveling to Finland

We will share all travel documents with you in advance. Aiport transportation in USA can be arranged as well for extra comfort. If there is any important information that needs to be shared regarding traveling please let us know. Our customer service manager will meet with you in the treatment location airport with transportation. At the destination our staff will guide and offer advice along with a more detailed treatment schedule. We will answer any questions you might have.

The Treatment and Stay with the Best Nordic Professionals

Surgery or treatment process typically starts 1-2 days after your arrival. The first step is a meeting with the the operating surgeon or physician who is responsible of your treatment. This is to go through once more all the detailed information about your treatment and to make sure that there are no changes in your condition which would risk the treatment.

  • If you are having a cancer treatment or other treatment requiring a longer stay and multiple visits to hospital, you can expect to have a full treatment schedule in advance.

All the necessities, such as transportation between hotel and hospital and other needed amenities will be arranged by us. Before the scheduled treatment date it is important that you pack some personal belongings you might need during the hospital recovery.

On the scheduled treatment date we will take you to the hospital and will accompany you until the staff from the treatment facility is prepared and ready for operation. After the operation it is time to start recovery – either at hospital or on outpatient basis at the hotel. Typical hospital stay at bedding ward depends on the surgery, but you can expect anything from 1-14 nights in the bedding ward. This is always estimated in advance to our patients.

We will visit you every day during this stay, and the experienced staff will take care of you and all your needs. We provide you with following amenities for more enjoyable recovery at the bedding ward:

  • Any magazines you prefer
  • Amenities package
  • Tablet computer
    • Ebooks
    • Netflix and video streaming services
    • Electronic news papers and Magazines
    • Music application with headphones

Returning to the Hotel

After you are prepared to leave the hospital, you will receive a detailed plan for postoperative recovery and all the needed equipment for the rest of your stay. We will take you to your hotel and make sure that you have everything you need.

The City

The city and hotel amenities at your service

  • Spas and restaurants
  • Tours around the city
  • Movies and Theater
  • Local markets
  • Shopping

Remember that the transportation service is at your service where ever you want to go (full transportation service can be chosen before the trip)

Any additional services can be requested

Postoperative Recovery and Physical Therapy

Our main goal is to support your recovery. Thus, first-hand physical therapy is included in our service should there be need for that. This is performed by local physical therapists who are specialised in working with medical patients in first-hand rehabilitation stage. You will also be provided with a personal training program once you get back home. Please note that the number of guided physical therapy sessions is limited by default – you are welcome to purchase more training session if you feel like it.

Returning Home

After you recovery stay of approximately 10-20 days you will visit the performing medical practise again to remove the stitches and to have a travel clearance. The physician will check that the recovery is on its right track.

For the travel you will provided any needed medication.

We are also prepared to work with you in a situation where departure is delayed for any reason. In some cases slower recovery or complication might require you to spend additional time in treatment destination. We will assist you in extending the stay by seeking coverage from your travel and complications insurance. Most importantly this will not increase the cost of your trip.

Once Your Travel Home is Cleared

After the travel clearance by operating physician we help in making final travel preparation and will arrange transportation back to airport for your flight. At the airport we will have a personal assistant making sure that you get past the lines and to the gate.

At Home

Once you are back home, everything should be set for a comfortable recovery and continuing physical therapy. If you follow the guidelines given to you, your recovery should be well on its way. Based on your preference you can either work out based on the recovery plan or you can request us to reserve you physical therapy close to your home. We are happy to help in finding a suitable local physical therapist or trainer to you.

Few Months After the Treatment

After around  two or three-month recovery period we will usually organize a video meeting with the physician who operated you. This is always subject to treatment type. This follow-up meeting is arranged to make sure that everything is going accordingly, and that you are satisfied to your treatment. Should anything feel hesitant we are willing to seek a solution via your Complications Insurance and local physician. Fee for local US physician is not included in our pricing by default.

Six months after the surgery the medical complication insurance lapses. At this point you reach a full circle of your treatment and the treatment path ends.

Our service doesn’t end although you are at home. You can always contact us, if you have any questions or concerns. Our consultation service for any matter, insurance or medical, is included in our pricing.

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