Path Surgery to join one of the strongest and largest healthcare acceleration programs in USA

A lot has happened in Path Surgery during this spring. One of the greatest things for us has been the entry into one of the largest startup company accelerators in the world, StartUp Health in USA.

StartUp Health is a special organization for accelerating and incubating healthcare companies all around the world. It was founded In 2011, and has ever since been a revolutionary concept for transforming health by organizing, supporting and investing in a global army of health tech entrepreneurs.

Today, StartUp Health has assembled the world’s largest digital health portfolio (over 200 companies spanning six continents, 19 countries, and 60+ cities) and built a worldwide network of over 200,000 innovators, industry leaders, and investors committed to supporting this journey.

Path Surgery is pursuing the ultimate moonshot goals of Cost to Zero and Access to Care with the new concept of making medical travel more accessible, affordable and safer. We utilize the latest technology to ease communication and lower the barrier for medical tourists. Also, we are able to provide a comprehensive complicatons insurance which is critical to maintain a transparent and risk-free view into the world of medical traveling.

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