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Helsinki is one of the top centers to treat cancer in Europe with one of the few Organization of European Cancer Institutes (OECI) certified cancer centers here. Cancer recovery rate in Helsinki and Nordics is significantly lower than on average thanks to latest treatment methods and effort in oncology in the public sector and active private cancer centers.

The cancer-specific statistics on cancer patient survival tell that Finland is the best country when it comes to treating head and neck cancers as well as breast cancer, the third best in treating prostate cancer, and the fourth best in treating colorectal cancers. (Source: Docrates and EUROCARE, click here for more information)

These a graphs of 5-year survival of patients in some areas of cancer treatment. The source is EUROCARE research presented earlier.



The partners we work with are not your regular and local units but active and high-quality specialized centers to battle cancer in every detail. Modern and well-equipped private centers combined with large university hospital create a strong combination for expertise in oncology. The use latest techniques and are prepared to treat even metastatic cancer in cooperation with neurosurgeons, plastic and gastric surgeons. Please contact our customer service for more details.

We work with the most specialized units for your cancer recovery:

HYKSin and Helsinki University Hospital Comprehensive Cancer Center

HUCH is the largest and most versatile cancer treatment center in Finland providing personalized cancer treatment. The center is part of the Helsinki University Hospital and is responsible for the oncological treatment of all adult cancer patients within the Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa. Each year, HUH Cancer Center treats 21 000 patients, of whom approximately 8 000 are new patients.

The key objective of the research is to promote translation – i.e. faster and more efficient use of translational research results to patients’ benefits. The center also carries out phase I research as well as first-in-man research.

HUH Cancer Center is the first in the Nordic countries accredited by the OECI, and is now designated as Comprehensive Cancer Center. The expertise of the HUCH Cancer Center is recognized internationally, and its treatment outcomes are among the best in the world



Docrates Cancer Center uses the latest medical technology. The hospital provides all aspects of cancer diagnostics and treatment under one roof; it also has its own inpatient ward and laboratory services. Surgery, when necessary, is arranged with top clinicians that we know and trust. Docrates Health and Recovery Center provides cancer patients and the people close to them with complementary therapies tailored carefully to each individual. There are several accommodation options close to the hospital with special rates for our patients.

The hospital has established a world-class reputation for its expertise and quality care. Each patient at Docrates is provided with a leading oncology expert team ensuring that the benefits of the latest international clinical research and treatment developments are adopted. In addition to established medical therapies, patients at Docrates may also choose – after full consultation – to participate in clinical studies on new forms of treatment. We have already treated patients from 60 countries, with an extraordinary satisfaction rate. We have treated close to 30 different cancer types.

Docrates is known for its holistic approach to patient care. Treatment options, treatment benefits, adverse effects and desired treatment outcomes are all discussed together with the patient. An individual treatment plan is created for each patient.