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  1. If you want to you can already give us a brief description of your status and share us some files you might have. The link is down below.
  2. We would need your most recent medical documents about your condition should you possess any. Don’t worry about your privacy, your information is protected under HIPAA law and treated as Personal Health Information.
  3. The second step is an interview with a basic questionnaire to get some detailed information about you. Our skilled medical consultants will contact you for this.
  4. Sometimes a basic physical examination is recommended for updated information about your medical condition. This might require going to a physician’s appointment.
  5. After this it’s time for a quote and then a call or video meeting with the physician of your choice. To walk through the process, click Patient Path link.

You can contact us through by clicking here. Please have a valid email address and/or a phone number so that we can get back to you. We normally answer to emails in 24 hours but please allow up to 48 hours for our first response. Should you wish a quicker response you can also call us from Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm

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Why Finland Is a Superior Choice for Medical Treatment

Just a few reasons why Nordics and Finland in particular is the best place on Earth to get your medical treatment.

Why Finland Is a Superior Choice for Medical Treatment

Why Finland Is a Superior Choice for Medical Treatment

  • Finland is a safe, well-organized and clean Western country. It is the safest country for travelers in 2017.
  • Finland ranks among the highest in OECD surveys in education and job skills, safety and life satisfaction. See more here.
  • Finland and the whole Nordics are easily accessible – take a direct flight from Miami, JFK, Chicago, or San Fransisco to Helsinki-Vantaa airport. A direct connection is important for a medical traveler.
  • Finnish medical services work to the highest international standards and have excellent treatment results: cancer research, treatment is spectacular and mortality rate is among the lowest and highly accredited hospital have received international acknowledgments and certifications such as ISO9001
  • Finnish hospitals have a very low incidence of MRSA and hospital infections. MRSA and Tuberculosis are on the same level as in USA in general (see more on our Hospitals). Low level of sepsis after abdominal surgeries among OECD countries.
  • Finnish hospitals benefit from the latest treatment methods, state-of-the-art equipment and technologies and modern facilities (see more on our Hospitals)
  • Fully English-speaking medical staff in hospitals
  • Finland is the 5th best English-speaking nation among non-native English countries.
  • Affordable fixed prices for most surgeries (see more on our Pricing)
  • Intensive care facilities for more demanding patients available in our portfolio hospitals

As evident from our website, the care and society is prepared for you. We are able to provide you an experience you are unable to get from anywhere else. Finland is a  hidden jewel and now its medicine is available to you. Use it and let us serve you! This is healthcare as it should be!

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