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How to Proceed

  1. If you want to you can already give us a brief description of your status and share us some files you might have. The link is down below.
  2. We would need your most recent medical documents about your condition should you possess any. Don’t worry about your privacy, your information is protected under HIPAA law and treated as Personal Health Information.
  3. The second step is an interview with a basic questionnaire to get some detailed information about you. Our skilled medical consultants will contact you for this.
  4. Sometimes a basic physical examination is recommended for updated information about your medical condition. This might require going to a physician’s appointment.
  5. After this it’s time for a quote and then a call or video meeting with the physician of your choice. To walk through the process, click Patient Path link.

You can contact us through by clicking here. Please have a valid email address and/or a phone number so that we can get back to you. We normally answer to emails in 24 hours but please allow up to 48 hours for our first response. Should you wish a quicker response you can also call us from Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm

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Questions & Answers

If you did not find something on the website, here are questions others ask frequently. Remember, with any questions you can go ahead and ask by contacting us. We are here to help you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I travel overseas for medical operation?

PS: Most Americans travel abroad for more affordable treatment. In some cases the needed medical operation isn’t covered by local insurance which would make treatment significantly expensive. Also, some medical travelers travel overseas for better quality and expertise of physicians especially in demanding medical procedures.

Are the doctors, surgeons and hospitals qualified?

PS: All of our partner hospitals are qualified and licensed operators in their home countries, most also abroad as well. Physicians working in the hospitals have national and/or EU license to practice medicine in Finland or in European Union. We work only with the best doctors with most experience in their field. Most physicians have gained PhD and expertise abroad in well-known university hospitals as well.

Is the overseas treatment covered by an insurance?

PS: This is totally up to your insurance company and something that you must ask directly from your insurer. We are working on cooperation possibilities with US insurers but at the moment have no direct agreement on covering costs abroad. However, the more affordable treatment can make them cover the expenses. Please contact your insurance provider for further information. We are happy to assist you with that.

Why do I need a consultation in advance before booking my trip?

PS: Medical treatment always requires updated and detailed information about patient’s medical condition. You might have some hidden risks or a specific medical condition that must be discussed in advance for the operation to be successful. We want to minimize risks and maximize recovery and your safety. Based on the consultation and medical files a more precise quote can be given if it is not possible in advance. Our medical consulting staff is professional and work for your benefit and safety.

How long is the treatment period?

PS: Duration of your medical trip is roughly 10 to 20 days but is highly dependent on the type of treatment you are going to have. Arrival is normally one or two days before the treatment. In a straight-forward surgery the first stage recovery before stitch removing is around 7-10 days – we hope that you would spend this time recovering in the treatment location. After stitch removal it usually is safe to travel back home. However, in more complex surgeries or treatments you may spend weeks or months in Nordics – cancer treatment and neurosurgery require long treatment and recovery times.

Can I book my own flights and accommodation?

PS: Yes, you absolutely can book your own flights and accommodation. The reason why we offer this service is because it is more affordable for you, as we negotiate prices with major hotel companies in advance. There are also flexible canceling and upgrading opportunities without extra fees. In this way we are also able to assist you with amenities and special equipment in your room that you might need during recovery.

How do I need to prepare and what do I need to do to organize overseas travel?

PS: A valid passport and recent medical files with your latest physical examination are required by us to be able to help you. This will help us to do first stage screening. Please be prepared to fill the questionnaire sent by our staff as well when planning treatment. After “Green Light” there is time for treatment date deciding, packing and going for treatment We will make preparing and organizing as simple and effortless as possible for you.

Why should I come to Nordics for treatment?

PS: Nordic countries represent modern and Western welfare states with excellent healthcare system, best cancer recovery rates in Europe, high education and good social welfare system. Nordic countries are the safest and cleanest places on earth with trustworthy people. You can read more about Finland on our website.

What makes Path Surgery the most trustworthy facilitator?

PS: Our vision is a transparent and trustworthy medical traveling industry where having treatment abroad can be as reliable as going to your local healthcare provider. We are the only facilitator to think of the large perspective where easy and seamless patient experience, safety and health are the most important factors combined with fixed and affordable pricing. We exist to change the industry.

How do international patients communicate with Path Surgery staff?

PS: We connect with patient through phone, email, video meetings, physical meetings and through our online database. We are placed physically in Florida, USA. When planning for a treatment, you will be guided to a specific customer service consultant who is personally responsible for your travel and medical treatment. We believe in individual and personal service.

How would you recommend the most suitable doctor for me?

PS: Based on the needed treatment type we are able to pass your medical files to our pool of specialists in that area of medicine. We work with top medical specialists in niche areas and thus will hand you into good hands of an experienced physician. In the end, we will provide you with detailed information about the physicians of your choice before any decision about the treatment is made. If you wish so, you are also welcome to select the hospital on your own and ask for a particular specialist – we are happy to tell more about the choices in our portfolio.

How do I organize my stay?

PS: We are there to help you with logistics and planning timetable with the overseas hospital. Our selection of accommodation is hotels and larger apartments with own kitchen as well to accommodate multiple people or a family. Organizing possible sick leave or absence from work or other daily duties is your only responsibility – we are happy to help with documentation for your absence.

Can I bring my family or friends with me?

PS: Yes of course you can. The standard hotel room is for 2 people so a family member or a friend is welcome – the room rate normally includes breakfast for two people as well. The only additional cost would be his or her flights.

How do you organize post-operative follow-up?

PS: That is arranged on case-by-case basis in different ways. In most cases a video call with the physician is enough. Sometimes follow-up physicals at your local GP is enough. Physical therapists are able to guide you in orthopedic follow-up visits. Blood tests can be taken at your local physician and then results sent to the overseas physician through online database of Path Surgery – MRI, X-ray or ultrasound imaging results can be sent to overseas physician as well. Sometimes after major and complex treatments patient is to return to Finland for follow-up examination. We will gladly help you with arranging follow-up care if needed!

Does Path Surgery offer cost estimates?

PS: Yes. We aim to provide fixed pricing from start before the first consultation already. In some surgeries this is possible and easy to make. Sometimes the cost estimate will be specified after medical file evaluation – we will have a fixed maximum price before the full deposit is paid. If the medical procedure happens to be more affordable than expected for any reason we will refund the rest of your money. It is our liability to present medical procedure pricing as is and not to exaggerate or round it to any direction.

Can my medical costs be covered by American Insurance or government?

PS: Potentially yes, but this is fully depending on your insurance provider. There have been cases where American insurer will compensate treatment abroad being able to lower your personal out-of-pocket charges. Please contact your local insurer for this matter. We are also pursuing contract agreements with US insurers but are not able to provide anything yet.

What is your cancellation policy?

PS: Flexible. After first deposits should you wish to cancel for any reason we will refund all your money that has not been used for travel arrangements already. You will get a full receipt on this if you wish to cancel. For medical and personal reasons you are welcome to postpone or reschedule your treatment without extra costs.

What is the legal recourse to take should something unexpected happen during or after my medical treatment?

PS: Our all-inclusive medical package includes consultation service in unexpected situations even after your treatment trip. The first thing is to contact Path Surgery customer service consultant who is responsible for your treatment. We will then contact the operating physician to arrange further instructions for medical evaluation. Compensation can be sought from the two separate insurances that we provide for complications. Also, hospitals in Nordics negotiate well with patients in unexpected situations. Please note that Path Surgery is not liable for your medical treatment and does not provide legal advice.

Which document do I need to book a treatment?

PS: We would appreciate your latest physical examination details to see if you are fit to travel and undergo treatment overseas. Also, if you have been diagnosed with a medical condition or illness that needs treatment we would like to have all related medical files, diagnosis documentation, imaging results (MRI, CT scan or X-rays) and statements. We will assist you with acquiring these if needed.

How do I pay my trip and treatment?

PS: After first stage evaluation and screening by our medical consultant we pass your files to a specialized physician. If they have enough information about your condition and would like to contact you in person we kindly ask you to pay a deposit of around 20% of your estimated cost of treatment and administration costs. At this point we have built you a personal Patient Path and treatment package. After then you are to have a call or a video meeting with the physician. After treatment and having decided about treatment schedule we would you to deposit the rest of your estimated maximum cost of treatment. If medical treatment for any reason is more affordable than expected we will then refund you. In some cases the treatment price drops for more affordable equipment, prosthesis or hospital wards days. We accept a bank transfer to a deposit account and major credit cards such as VISA and MasterCard.

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